15th Strategy Committee Meeting

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11 May 2009


7 May 2009

Bramshill, United Kingdom

The 15th Strategy Committee, hosted by the CEPOL Secretariat at Bramshill, United Kingdom took place on Thursday 7 May 2009.

The Chair announced:

  • A report from the Chiefs of Police Task Force meeting;
  • Details of a meeting held in Prague of the Law Enforcement Technology Services where the use of CEPOL’s e-Net was discussed to host their database of security technologies;
  • The latest information regarding the recovery process of the private taxi/transport;
  • Information about an evaluation on the relationship between EU Agencies and the Commission;
  • The five year evaluation of CEPOL which will start during the Swedish Presidency. A first preparatory meeting will be held on 20 May 2009.

The Director announced:

  • The outcomes of a meeting held with the Commission where the Grant Agreements/Contracts were discussed;
  • Receipt of the signed contract for the Exchange Programme II Project is still awaited;
  • The budget status report as of 31 March 2009;
  • An update on the ongoing recruitment within the Secretariat;
  • The Commission’s final comments to the Staff Policy Plan 2010-2012;
  • Implementing Rules of the Staff Policy will be presented to the Budget and Administration Committee in September.

Regarding the new structure and organisation of the CEPOL network the Strategy Committee recommend that the 16th Governing Board adopt the draft decisions:

  • Establishment of Four Working Groups;
  • Establishment of a Strategy and Coordination Committee;
  • Establishment of an Audit Panel;

The Committee also proposed to adopt the:

  • Annual Report 2008;
  • Cooperation Agreement with Turkish National Institute;
  • MoU with European Network of Forensic Science Institutes.

The Annual Activity Report 2008 will be presented by the Director. A written procedure regarding the Analysis and Assessment of the Authorising Officer’s Annual Activity Report for the Financial Year 2008 by the Governing Board will take place in mid June.

Other topics discussed included the Strategy of CEPOL which Sweden were requested to include in the priorities during their Presidency, the management of the Secretariat and ongoing discussions with the Commission regarding Grant Contracts/Agreements when carrying out CEPOL activities.


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