15th Working Group on Learning Meeting

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25 June 2009

The Working Group on Learning (WGL) met on 17 – 18 June 2009 in Tallinn, Estonia.

During a consultation the Working Group learned that CEPOL courses are not designed and documented (format, learning outcomes, assessment, lecturers, etc.) in a way that enable third parties to assess them and to award ECVETs (European system of accumulation (capitalisation) and transfer of credits designed for vocational education and training in Europe).

CEPOL Secretariat cannot ask for an assessment of CEPOL activities; any assessments should be done in the country of the organising institute. This issue will be put forward during the 74/2009 Seminar on the Bologna Process which takes place 7-10 September 2009 in Slovenia. The Working Group, who will support the seminar, also discussed the programme.

The needs to create a database of trainers was extensively discussed. Based on an assessment of advantages and risks and other provisions, the Working Group recommends:

  • Not to introduce the trainers database at this stage;
  • To freeze it until quality assurance in education becomes a topic within CEPOL e.g. under the influence and experiences in the Bologna or Bruges-Copenhagen process.

The Working Group took note of the progress report, the product break-down and the risk log regarding the e-Learning modules on Europol, the Prüm Treaty and Police English.

Regarding the Learning Management System (LMS), the Working Group agreed on the proposed image of predefined functions (e.g. forum for participants to introduce themselves, to express their expectations, pre-course assignments, technical settings, etc.,) in order to ease the work of the course manager in relation to the system.

The Revised Q-13 (volume I) refers to a second volume that should contain more practical and background information. The purpose is to bring all relevant CEPOL documents related to learning together. Topics are at this moment: Learning Strategies, e-Learning Strategies, Post-course Learning Reinforcement, Peer Review, Writing Objectives, Learning Styles, Evaluation, Recommendations for Course Managers, Recommendations for Trainers and Recommendations for Lecturers

The next Working Group on Learning meeting will take place 9-10 September 2009 in Ljubljana, Slovenia


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