16th Working Group on Learning Meeting

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08 October 2009

The Working Group on Learning (WGL) met on 10 – 11 September 2009 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Among the discussions was that each Member State could provide an overview of the police education systems on their own CEPOL web-pages. A template for an inventory of police and education data was debated and a short presentation given about the police in the United Kingdom. Other national presentations are expected for the next meeting and the template will be finalised by the group.

As the mandate for six members of the Working Group on Learning will expire in mid-2010, it was agreed that a call for nominations for new members to the group will be made shortly.

The Bologna Process Seminar outcomes were discussed in depth and the group will propose that the seminar should become an annual activity and that it should be merged with the European Police Education seminar. For further information about the seminar, see 'Related News' at the bottom of this page.

A debate took place about the Common Curricula. It was stressed that Member States can only apply common curricula with some flexibility but noted that rules which are too strict may limit the effectiveness of the Common Curricula. The Working Group on Learning called for a handbook for Common Curricula. Regarding the Common Curriculum ‘Money Laundering’, the group had some reservations about the content and quality.

The group endorsed two documents relating to the Volume II of the Q13:

  • The study of CEPOL’s Programme Evaluation System, presented at the 4th Governing Board meeting. A proposal was brought forward that the group should look beyond the Kirkpatrick model, to enlarge the reflection to some other concepts and models in terms of evaluation, quality assurance, quality management and Bologna;
  • Recommendations for Course Managers which the group suggested to add the briefing of the trainers/lectures on the participants prior to the event and to include the participants’ expectations.

In the area of e-learning, several positive comments were made on the Police English Language e-learning module, regarding the approach of English terminology, through topics.

The comments of the Commission concerning the performance indicators were discussed with regard to the remit of the Working Group on Learning. A proposal was made to set up one indicator about the measurement of activities organised in cooperation with other EU agencies: number of participants, trainers and co-organisers involved.

The 17th Working Group on Learning meeting is scheduled on 5-6 November 2009 and will take place in Madrid, Spain.


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