17th Annual Programme Committee Meeting

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05 February 2010


20-21 January 2010

Lyon, France

The main focus of the 16th Annual Programme Committee meeting was the 2011 Work Programme, future projects in the CEPOL programme, results from the evaluation and statistics for 2009 and the way forward for analyses.

The Spanish Presidency announced that it will focus on three areas of priorities: the new Exchange Programme action plan, e-Learning and Common Curricula implementation.

The new Annual Programme Committee Chair, Risto Pullat from Estonia, announced that besides the three priorities mentioned by the Presidency, he would like to focus on the 2011 Work Programme and the priorities set in the Stockholm Programme. Due attention will also be given to the analysis of CEPOL training activities. Malta was appointed Deputy Chair.

Results from evaluation and statistics of CEPOL courses and seminars implemented in 2009, with comparisons with previous years, were discussed. The developed post-course evaluation system was presented, giving the results from the pilot phase with feedback from participants and Line Managers. The developed post-course evaluation takes CEPOL a step further in Kirkpatrick’s model on which CEPOL’s evaluation system is based which will be implemented from January 2010.

The draft 2011 Work Programme was presented and discussed. This will be tabled at the 19th Governing Board meeting. The number of activities in 2011 will increase to accommodate the priorities stated in the Stockholm Programme.

An action plan for the developed Exchange Programme as prescribed in the Stockholm Programme was discussed. A proposal for the establishment of a Steering Group and a Working Group formed by experts from the CEPOL network is underway. The proposed action plan will be presented at the 18th Governing Board meeting.

Three e-Learning modules will be developed in 2011: Joint Investigation Teams, the Lisbon Treaty and one Common Curriculum (Domestic Violence is considered priority by the Annual Programme Committee).

The Committee stated that CEPOL has the necessary tools to provide sufficient information required for the analysis of CEPOL training activities. A structured approach to analysis was discussed and agreed.

The status of EU Mission Training, as well as future developments for External Relations, was presented.

The 18th Annual Programme Committee meeting is scheduled on 15-16 April 2010 in Bramshill, UK.


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