17th Governing Board Meeting Takes Place in Sweden

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08 October 2009

The 17th Governing Board meeting, the first to be hosted by the Swedish Presidency, took place in Kolmården, Sweden on 6-7 October 2009.

Among the topics discussed by the Governing Board were: the impact of the Stockholm Programme on the Work Programme of CEPOL; the 2010 Budget, the status of the recruitment of a new Director; training of EU police going on missions; and Implementing Rules to the Staff Regulations.

The Governing Board adopted a number of decisions, including:

  • Common Curriculum on Trafficking in Human Beings and Domestic Violence II;
  • Memorandums of Understanding with Eurojust; and European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI);
  • The Establishment of a Project Group for the Five Year External Evaluation of CEPOL;
  • Common Curricula Implementation Support Strategy.

The Chair of the Governing Board announced:

  • A letter had been published on the CEPOL website announcing the Swedish Presidency’s ambitions and priorities;
  • The recruitment process of the Director had been started;
  • A request to the Chief of Police Task Force for recommendations on training activities to be carried by CEPOL in 2010;
  • Details of a meeting with the Commission in July;
  • The call for nominations of the Audit Panel had been launched;
  • The Secretariat have been invited to draft a policy paper on the use of the DMS;
  • Member States were informed in September of the Swedish Presidency proposal to formulate Governing Board Agendas in A, B and C topics;
  • Information on an informal meeting of Ministers 1 October 2009 in The Hague.

The Director announced:

  • Status of the recruitment process in the Secretariat;
  • Budget status report as at 30 September 2009 and the latest situation on the payment of reimbursement claims from Member States;
  • Information on communications and web statistics;
  • A meeting with representatives from the Commission, DG JLS will take place at Bramshill on Tuesday 13 October 2009.

The Director presented a document proposing how Title 3 of the Budget 2010 could be reduced by €1 million. The Director also informed about a contradictory meeting with the Court of Auditors.

Other documents presented to the Governing Board for information included:

  • A Report on the Initial Conference of the Exchange Programme 2009-10 attended by over 90 exchangees;
  • A Report on the Euromed Police II Project with a projected programme to the end of the project.

The 18th Governing Board will take place on 9-10 December 2009 in Aronsborg, Sweden.



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