17th Strategy Committee Meeting

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27 November 2009


24 November, 2009

Solna, Sweden

The 17th Strategy Committee was hosted by the Swedish Presidency in Solna, Sweden. Jan Karlsen, President of the Swedish Police Trade Union, gave a presentation on the Union’s view of Police Cooperation in Europe.

The Chair announced:

  • CEPOL’s contribution to the Action Plan on the implementation of the Stockholm Programme to include Common Curricula, Exchange Programme and the rapprochement of the second and third pillar;
  • Items discussed at the Police Chiefs Task Force meeting in Brussels on 19 October 2009 which included the Establishment of a Law Enforcement Strategy;
  • At its meeting on 23 October 2009 Ministers of Justice agreed:
    • To three instruments aimed at strengthening the procedural rights of suspects and defendants in criminal proceedings;
    • To amend the Council Decision on EUCPN enabling the network to achieve its full potential;
    • To adopt a strategy for better support to victims of crime in the European Union

The Director presented:

  • The status of recruitment in the Secretariat;
  • Budget Execution 2009;
  • Final Audit Report of the Court of Auditors 2008 and highlighted that the report had been favourably amended since the draft report presented at the 17th Governing Board;
  • Budget procedures and rules for organising CEPOL activities;
  • An update on procurement matters.

The Head of Programmes gave a status report on the reimbursement of outstanding course claims for 2008.

The Strategy Committee recommend the 18th Governing Board adopt the draft decisions:-

  • Budget 2010; including savings of €1 million compared with 2009;
  • Work Programme 2010, including CEPOL Calendar of Courses and Seminars as well as venues and dates for the activities;
  • Implementing rules to the Staff Regulation - Mission Guidelines and Code of Conduct;
  • The Terms of Reference relating to the tender procedure for the Five Year External Evaluation of CEPOL;
  • Multi Annual Staff Policy Plan 2011-2013;
  • Grant Contracts between CEPOL and colleges/institutes;
  • Contracts with Module Advisers and Educational Experts;
  • Document Management System (DMS) Policy Paper;

The Committee also discussed:

  • The Recruitment of the Director;
  • The CEPOL Strategy and Key Performance Indicators;
  • Pre-estimate 2011;
  • The role of National Contact Points;
  • Matters relating to the External Relations Working Group, including Cooperation Agreements and the revised External Relations Policy Paper;
  • The still open call for nominations for experts to comprise an Audit Panel;
  • Free flights for participants attending CEPOL activities.


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