17th Working Group on Learning Meeting

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20 November 2009

The Working Group on Learning (WGL) met on 5 – 6 November 2009 in Madrid, Spain for their 17th meeting.

The Chair announced that a call for nominations for new members to the group resulted in two applications to date. The deadline for applications is the 15 December 2009.

The Stockholm programme was discussed in-depth. The group will make the following proposals to the Training and Research Committee on how the programme should impact CEPOL:

  • Look to develop cooperation with the judicial networks – an awareness seminar could be held targeting both magistrates and police officers;
  • “Ethics, diversity, awareness interdependency on security” as the possible so-called “European matters – common culture”;
  • With regard to ERASMUS style activities, CEPOL should further design exchange activities to develop participants and facilitate the exchange of knowledge;
  • Training exchange and work exchange modules in police education could be accredited and available for students as well.

A debate took place about the CEPOL “Train the Trainers” courses. CEPOL should reconsider restructuring this course and perhaps develop a longer module which could be accredited. A ‘Train the Trainers’ course for SIRENE was also discussed.

The group discussed a document relating to the Volume II of the Q13: the study of CEPOL’s Programme Evaluation System, a summary of the main evaluation models should be added. The Kirkpatrick model should remain the evaluation model for CEPOL’s courses.

The group recommended that the e-learning modules should be connected to all courses delivered by CEPOL on the same topics. With regard to the Learning Management System (LMS), the group proposed that all courses in connection to any kind of education and training topics should be opened to all registered users on e-Net.

The template for an inventory of police and educational data per country was discussed. Another simplified template, formatted as a questionnaire, will be presented to the Training and Research Committee.

The 18th meting of the Working Group on Learning is scheduled on 11-12 March 2010 in Estoril, Portugal.


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