2007 European Police Research and Science Conference

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10 March 2008

The 2007 CEPOL European Police Research and Science Conference will take place in Münster, Germany, on 12-14 September 2007.

Hosted by the Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei, this year's event is a working conference to present and debate the subject 'European Approach to Police Science'.

Academic skills and scientific knowledge are playing an increasing role in many police forces and training institutes in EU Member States. To reflect this, CEPOL established a temporary project group in 2005, called 'European Approach to Police Science'.

A group of six European experts were tasked to explore the topic in light of increased demands for police cooperation across Europe and beyond. The Project Group will present the findings at the forthcoming CEPOL Research and Science Conference in September.

Senior police officers, police trainers and police scientists are invited to share the insights and to join the debate to discuss the outcomes with distinguished scholars such as: Max Peter Ratzel (Director of Europol); Prof. Jean-Paul Brodeur (University of Montreal); and Prof. Thomas Feltes (University of Bochum).

One objective of the conference is to widen the debate about a European Approach to Police Science and find ways to develop a common strategy for the future.

Among the questions to be considered at the conference are:

  • Is there a common European understanding of police, policing, police philosophy and the role of police in the society?
  • Is there a common European understanding and definition of police science?
  • Is there a way for better integration of police science and police practice?
  • What common main research fields from a comparative point of view can be identified?
  • What are the main values, methodologies and standards of European Police Science in the future?

Details about the registration process will shortly be sent to the CEPOL National Contact Points.



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