20th Governing Board Meeting Held in Spain

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02 June 2010

The 20th Governing Board meeting, the second to be hosted by the Spanish Presidency, took place in Barcelona, Spain on 25-26 May 2010. The meeting was opened by Mr Joan Saura i Laporta from the Department of Interior of Catalonia.

Among the topics discussed were:

  • The procedure to be used to finalise the Annual Activity Report 2009;
  • Problems encountered to finalise the Common Curricula due to the issues with contracts for Module Advisers and Educational Experts;
  • The planning of a reserve list for activities for the last trimester of 2010;
  • The re-nomination of members of the External Relations Working Group;
  • The approval of the Cooperation Agreement with Croatia which will be forwarded to the Council of the European Union for approval;
  • Enhanced Cooperation Agreements with Iceland, Norway and Switzerland;
  • The CEPOL Strategy and the implementation of balanced scorecards;
  • The ongoing processes related to Framework Partnerships and Grant Agreements;
  • The draft Work Programme 2011 where further topics for inclusion in the programme were proposed;
  • A process to forecast participation in CEPOL activities;
  • The pilot phase for a Permanent Representation in Brussels;
  • Information received from the Commission on the Probation Period of the Director;
  • The Report on Inter-Agency Cooperation;
  • Draft Court of Auditors Report;
  • Update on the existing and new Exchange Programmes.

The Governing Board adopted a number of decisions, including:

  • The Annual Report 2009;
  • Disbandment of the Common Curricula Sub-groups and the establishment of a Common Curricula Working Group;
  • Confirmation of appointments of new Members of the Working Group on Learning;
  • Finalised content descriptions of e-learning modules: Europol, Prüm Treaty, Police English Language and Learning Approach;
  • Implementation of Common Curricula Workshops;
  • The Multi Annual Action Plan 2011-2014;
  • The Multi Annual Staff Policy Plan 2011-2013;
  • The establishment of an Audit Panel;
  • The Pre-estimation Budget 2011;
  • Amending the number of Governing Board meetings per year to three.

The Chair of the Governing Board announced that the Cooperation Agreement with the Turkish National Police Institute had been forwarded to the Council of the European Union for approval at a meeting on 3 June 2010. He added that the Exchange Programme for police inspired by Erasmus was adopted on 23 May 2010.

The Chair gave details of a fruitful meeting that took place with Veronique Mathieu, EU Member of Parliament and member of the Budgetary Control Committee. The meeting was attended by the Governing Board Chair, the incoming Chair of the Governing Board and the CEPOL Director.

He also announced the receipt of the monthly Activity Reports from the Director on the work carried out within the Secretariat.

The CEPOL Director announced that the European Parliamentary Committee on Budgetary Control has queries in relation to the discharge the Budget 2008. It is necessary for the Governing Board to adopt a Multi Annual Action Plan before 30 June 2010. The Director will be invited to attend the Committee on Budgetary Control on 12-13 July to explain the content of the plan.

The Internal Audit Service has invited the Director to prepare an action plan on the implementation of their recommendations; the action plan is included in the Multi Annual Action Plan.

The Court of Auditors audited CEPOL during week commencing 8 March 2010. The preliminary findings have been presented and CEPOL must respond by early June. Following a request from the Court of Auditors, an external consultant has been invited to CEPOL to ensure the final accounts 2009 are correct.

The Director reiterated his intention to adhere to stipulated deadlines imposed by the Financial Regulation and announced budget planning for 2012 will commence in June.

The Director also outlined:

  • The priorities within the Human Resources Management;
  • The procurement details and tender relating to the Five Year External Evaluation of CEPOL;
  • The Secretariat’s contribution to the planning of the CEPOL Strategy;
  • Details of a meeting held at Bramshill between the incoming and current Presidencies to exchange information;
  • Details of meetings he had attended since the last Governing Board meeting;
  • External relations ongoing matters;
  • Since April, in an effort to increase transparency, a monthly newsletter is issued from the Secretariat;
  • To enhance internal coordination weekly meetings are held with senior managers and key players;
  • His concerns regarding the number of courses that have had changes of dates and the overall impact this will have on the budgetary control of CEPOL.

Reports were given on the implementation of Euromed Police II project and the Evaluation Report on CEPOL Courses and Seminars 2009.

The 21st Governing Board meeting will take place on 29-30 September 2010 in Ghent, Belgium.



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