21st Governing Board Meeting Held in Belgium

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19 October 2010

The 21st Governing Board meeting, the first to be hosted by the Belgian Presidency, took place in Ghent, Belgium from 29 to 30 September 2010.

The main topics discussed were:

  • The CEPOL Strategy and Balanced
  • The Secretariat Activity Report May – August 2010
  • Appointment of Accounting Officer
  • Establishing an Internal Audit Panel
  • Budget 2011: Update on the current situation
  • New Budget Structure
  • Status report of Budget discharge 2008
  • 5-year Anniversary of CEPOL

The Governing Board adopted a number of decisions, including:

  • Adoption of non-postponement of activities
  • Enforcing the cut off dates for reimbursement of claims
  • Written procedure for future budget transfers
  • Appointing the Accounting Officer
  • Establishing an internal audit panel
  • Concerning the cooperation agreement between the Icelandic National Police College, the Norwegian Police University College, the Swiss Police Institute
  • Concerning travel reimbursement for CEPOL activity 40/2010 cooperation with European Neighbouring Countries
  • Approving the appointment of new Chair and Deputy-Chair of the External Relations Working Group
  • Renaming the Common Curricula Coordination Working Group into common Curricula Working Group and changing its remit
  • Establishing a policy concerning the accessibility of the Common Curricula to third parties
  • CEPOL Strategy and Balanced Scorecard

The Chair of the Governing Board announced:

  • The outcome of the CONT meeting that took place at the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels. The committee refused to grant the European Police College (CEPOL) a budget discharge for financial year 2008, as CEPOL has not met good administration standards. However, positive signals have been received from the Commission, CoA, and IAS.
  • The importance of adopting the strategic document as well as the balanced score cards system.
  • Only urgent budgetary issues will be adopted during this GB Meeting. The less urgent issues will first pass through the BAC before potential adoption during the December GB meeting.
  • The paramount responsibility and commitment from the Governing Board regarding the functioning of CEPOL.

The Director announced:

  • The Secretariat Activity Report May – August 2010.
  • The visit of the Court of Auditors and Internal Audit Service to Bramshill
  • The five year evaluation is ongoing.
  • Three nominations (from Italy, Poland, and Czech Republic) for the Audit Panel have been received.

The Deputy Director presented:

  • Reserve list of CEPOL activities 2010
  • Policy on payment of reimbursement claims
  • The progress to date on the Implementation of CEPOL’s Multi-Annual Plan 2010 – 2014.
  • The latest developments on the status report of Budget Discharge 2008.
  • Secretariat Planning Guide and Individual Activity Plans
  • The agenda item outlining the importance of celebrating the 5 year milestone of CEPOL and gave ideas of suggested events.

Head of Corporate Services Department presented:

  • Budget Transfers 2010 proposed
  • Written Procedure for future Budget Transfers
  • Appointment of Accounting Officer
  • Establishing an Internal Audit Panel
  • Budget 2011: Update on the current situation
  • Budget Rationalisation
  • The aimed budget figure
  • New Budget Structure

The 22nd Governing Board meeting will take place in Limelette, Belgium from 8 to 9 December 2010.



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