4th Troika Meeting

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01 September 2009

The 4th Troika Meeting took place in Stockholm, Sweden on 27 August 2009. The Chair announced the following, some of which have already been published on the CEPOL website:

  • The Swedish Presidency Introductory letter (presented on the website);
  • The process and timetable regarding the recruitment of a new Director;
  • The situation regarding the call for nominations for an Audit Panel; the closing date being 7 September 2009;
  • The attendance of the Presidency and the Director at an informal meeting of the Ministers of Interior/Justice on the “Future of European Law Enforcement Cooperation” (The Hague on 1 October 2009);
  • The attendance of the Presidency and the Director at a Conference on “Community Agencies: Partners in Accession” (Lisbon on 25-27 November 2009);
  • The invitation to the Chief of Police Task Force regarding their recommendations for the Work Programme 2010;
  • Details of a meeting with the Commission in July;  
  • The status of the proposed cooperation with ESRIF.

The Director announced:

  • The new Head of Administration and the new Head of Programmes took up their posts at CEPOL Secretariat on 16 August 2009;
  • CEPOL needs to consider how to implement the tasks assigned to CEPOL within the Stockholm Programme.

The role and composition of the Troika and the procedures to be used in future Governing Board meetings were discussed.

Proposals were discussed regarding:

  • The Five Year External Evaluation of CEPOL;
  • CEPOL Strategy – link to the CoA “A way forward”;
  • Whether to continue the work to re-structure the CEPOL network or to wait until the results of the Five Year Evaluation;
  • The ACTA Working Group, the Common Curricula Working Group and the remit of the former Electronic Network Working Group.

The Troika also discussed:

  • The Commissions Opinion on the Work Programme 2010;
  • Sweden’s ideas for the next National Contact Point meeting;
  • The use of CEPOL’s e-Net Document Management System (Workspace).


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