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Police Science in Europe – Alive and Kicking!

17 November 2010

“Practical Research and Research Practice – Police Science into a New Decade” was the title of the CEPOL Police Research and Science Conference 2010, organised by the Norwegian Police University College and the CEPOL Secretariat in Oslo, Norway on 26-28 October 2010.

Fifty-four participants and 14 experts from 24 different countries, Europol and Interpol took part in the conference. The participants were offered lectures from specialised researchers and could actively take part in discussions and working groups.



New Chairperson starts at 15th Research and Science Working Group Meeting

15 November 2010

The 15th meeting of the Research and Science Working Group (RSWG) took place at the Ecole des Officiers de la Gendarmerie Nationale (EOGN) in Melun, France on 12-14 January 2011. Dr. Risto Honkonen, Head of the Research Department of the Finnish Police College, chaired the meeting for the first time. All delegates, including new member Dr. Katharina Weiss from Austria, were formally welcomed by the Director of the EOGN, General Saffray and his deputy.

Whilst preparing CEPOL research and science activities for 2011, the RSWG had the opportunity to...


Working Group on Learning to design its “Preferred Futuring”

15 November 2010

During the 20th Working Group on Learning (WGL) meeting held in Wokefield Park near Reading, UK, on 29-30 October 2010, the eight members present supported by the group’s secretary, continued their brainstorming session on preferred futuring* (see note) moderated by Dr. Zsolt Molnár, the working group’s new Deputy Chair. The exercise concentrated on the 5th and 6th steps of the process “from vision to action” and was an opportunity for all members to “design” their preferred future, rather than just “project” it. A tour de table gave everyone the chance to...




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