CEPOL’s Director supports EIGE’s campaign on violence against women

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White Ribbon Campaign
17 December 2013

“I will not be silent” says Dr Ferenc Bánfi, Director of CEPOL, stating his support to the White Ribbon Campaign, an initiative promoted by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) and also the world’s biggest campaign engaging men in fighting violence against women. Dr Bánfi thereby joins Commissioner Lázsló Andor and many European political leaders on the Institute’s efforts at combating gender-based violence, a sad and shameful reality happening in all the societies of the European Union and across the globe.

CEPOL’s Director invites other individuals to join the White Ribbon Campaign and sign a pledge at EIGE’s website by stressing that “violence against women is a crime”, and “victims of violence should be offered the full protection and respect of law enforcement officials”. All supporters of this campaign declare that they will never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women, and also promise to raise awareness of the issue and to work within whichever means possible towards ending it. In this sense, the European Police College has developed its concrete training with regards to domestic violence, also in the larger context of preservation of human rights.

EIGE is a European Union agency which supports the EU and its Member States in their efforts to promote gender equality, to fight discrimination based on sex and to raise awareness about gender equality issues.



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