CEPOL Executive Director addresses plenary at Sustainsecure-2020 Annual International Scientific Forum

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20 October 2020

The Executive Director of the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training, Dr. h.c. Detlef Schröder, addressed today the plenary at the Annual International Scientific Forum Sustainsecure-2020 taking place this week at the Lithuanian city of Kaunas.

Hosted by the Mykolas Romeris University, this international forum is gathering together researchers, practitioners and students of public security, law, economics, management, public policy and administration from 16 European countries to exchange experience and ideas, review theoretical and practical approaches as well as scientific research in the areas of public security, policy and state border protection and legal regulation, and to analyse the problems of their practical applicability in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment.

In his address, made online via web streaming, Dr. h.c. Schröder gave an overview of how the global pandemic crisis has reshaped the serious and organised crime landscape and provided insights about how it has impacted on the law enforcement training ecosystems, pushing education institutions to operate online without being ready yet to take up that challenge.

The pandemic outbreak has unveiled emerging gaps with regard to law enforcement training in Member States, such as the lack of solid eLearning infrastructure and online teaching competency. And it has also unveiled the need to enhance collaboration and co-operation. Finding synergies, developing online solutions together and working closer in network mode are crucial success factors if we are to fight serious and organised crime effectively in these days.

CEPOL’s Executive Director gave details on specific measures put in place by the agency in response to the pandemic outbreak:

Since the pandemic outbreak, CEPOL e-learning infrastructure, resources and expertise have been made available to those training institutions in different Member States requiring this type of support. Thanks to this, more than 3,800 participants have been able to receive training through their own law training institutions in their countries.

About Sustainsecure-2020 Scientific Forum

The International Scientific Forum "Networking on Sustainable Security in a Dynamic Environment" being held these days in Kaunas has grown into a solid international scientific conference in 12 years. This year the forum is being organised together with partners, General Jonas Zematis Lithuanian Military Academy and the Szech Police Academy. The event is funded by the Lithuanian Science Council. The event welcomes around 150 participants from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Latvia, Poland, Estonia. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, HUngary, Ukraine, Croatia, Finland, Italy, and the Netherlands.



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