CEPOL extends EU law enforcement training offer to Ukraine

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05 February 2020

European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) has concluded a Working Arrangement with Ukraine today at a ceremony organised at the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The document co-signed by CEPOL’s Executive Director Detlef Schröder and Ukrainian Minister for Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov lays a foundation for strengthened and formalised cooperation between both parties.

Both the European Union and Ukraine have a mutual interest in enhancing the effectiveness of their law enforcement in the fight against crime, especially cross-border crime. These goals can be strengthened by cooperation in joint training, especially in modern methods of combating terrorism, trafficking of narcotics and organised crime, illegal migration or trafficking in human beings.

Working Arrangement between CEPOL and Ukraine shall be beneficial for both parties:

  • Allowing CEPOL to benefit from the know-how of Ukraine’s experts in its training activities,
  • Allowing Ukraine’s law enforcement officials to take part in CEPOL training sessions or events,
  • Providing a platform for harmonisation of standards on law enforcement training, especially in cross-border cooperation areas,
  • Allowing Ukrainian law enforcement access to public sections of CEPOL’s electronic network.

Detlef Schröder, CEPOL’s Executive Director, commented following the signing of the document:

We are happy to conclude this Arrangement with our Ukrainian partners. It shall streamline and strengthen our already existing cooperation. Ukraine is a key partner within EU’s Eastern Partnership, and will also be one of our key partners within the TOPCOP project to be launched later this year, which will focus on cooperation within the region in the field of preventing and countering serious and international organised crime and terrorism.

CEPOL through its capacity-building projects is planning to actively engage in strengthening the preconditions for more effective and efficient cooperation against serious and organised international crime bringing together EU, Eastern Partnership states and EU justice and home affairs agencies tasked explicitly with facilitating operational and non-operational collaboration in this field.

Today’s Working Arrangement with Ukraine will strengthen cooperation of the Agency with respective law enforcement training institutions in that country, provide both parties training opportunities and exchange of good practices.

However, this Arrangement will not provide opportunities for exchange of sensitive information or dissemination of such information, including personal data relevant to the activities of law enforcement.



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