CEPOL Launches European Police Science and Research Bulletin

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14 July 2009

As a further step to support training and education of senior police officers at a European level, CEPOL today launched its first European Police Science and Research Bulletin.

The electronic periodical is available to download directly from CEPOL’s website and will be produced three or four times a year.

The aim of the bulletin is to provide a platform where experts across Europe can keep each other informed on a regular basis about police research projects and matters related to police science.

The first issue contains contributions from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Italy and Sweden. There is also a report on the 2008 CEPOL Police Science and Research Conference and announcements about forthcoming events.

Ebba Sverne Arvill, Chair of the Governing Board, said: “It is with great pleasure I note that the first issue of European Police Science and Research Bulletin has been launched during the Swedish Presidency. The word science is from the Latin word scio, which means “to know” and that is what it’s all about. In addition, one of CEPOL’s main tasks is to disseminate best practice and research findings (Council Decision 2005/681/JHA, Article 7[d]) and in this aspect the Bulletin could function as a main tool. I seize the opportunity to forward the Presidency’s highest regards to all those who have been involved in the development of the Bulletin and wish the “new born baby” a long prosperous life.”

Anyone wanting to make a contribution to future bulletins should send their submissions directly to the editorial team:

Please read the submission guidelines and disclaimer on the website before submitting an article.

The deadline is still open for submissions to the second issue (02/2009). Submissions should be received no later than 15 August 2009.



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