CEPOL Launches New Website, Domain Name and Email Addresses

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10 March 2008

Today CEPOL unveiled its new look website, new domain name and new email addresses.

The new CEPOL website domain name is: www.cepol.europa.eu (replacing www.cepol.org). The format for the new email addresses for Secretariat staff members has changed to: '


The former email addresses will continue to work for a short time, but please ensure you change your address books as soon as possible.

Similarly, using the former website address will work for a short time as redirections are in place, however, please ensure you save the new address in your bookmarks and favourites as soon as possible.

The aim of the new website is to make more information about CEPOL easily accessible and make the website more user-friendly. The new domain name brings CEPOL inline with other European Union (EU) agencies, as does the new email addresses for CEPOL Secretariat staff.

The website has had a complete redesign, both in terms of look and content:

  • A 'News Section' to publicise the good work that is going on in and around the network;
  • An 'About CEPOL' section with details of how the agency is set-up and organised;
  • A new 'Calendar of Events' section, where activities have been organised into 'Meetings', 'Courses & Seminars', 'Conferences' and other 'Related Events';
  • A section devoted to 'Training and Learning';
  • A comprehensive section devoted to 'Research and Development';
  • A 'Useful Links' section to allow easy access to other websites relevant to CEPOL's work.

There is also a new secure log-in area, allowing those in the network to access the contact details of colleagues and more detailed information about particular activities going on in the community. Those wishing to have access to the secure area, required to register on the website (click Register/Login).

To complete the new look website, the words 'European Police College' have been added beneath the CEPOL logo oval. The revised logo will ensure that CEPOL is presented in a consistent way visually in future, incorporating both the abbreviation and the full name. The combination should be easier to use and also more easily identifiable to a wide-range of audiences, which will help reinforce CEPOL's image.

Ulf Göransson, Director of CEPOL, said: 'I am extremely pleased with the new website and hope that colleagues in the network will be pleased too! It is a vast improvement on our old one which had become slightly outdated in terms of both look and content. The new CEPOL website has a number of features that will make interaction in the community much easier. Obviously, the website is organic and we will need the help and support of the network to keep it continually up-to-date with relevant information.'

The Communications Team at the CEPOL Secretariat value feedback, so if you have any ideas for improvements, changes or additions, please email:


with your suggestions.


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