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16 October 2015

From 12-16 October 2015, CEPOL has organised the thirdtrain the trainers” activity for SIRENE trainers, “SIRENE Train the trainers” (43/2015).

23 participants originating from 20 EU Member States and from Switzerland participated to the course. They learned how to plan and implement SIRENE trainings with a specific focus on the use of the SIRENE manual. The SIRENE manual is a trainers’ manual drafted in 2012 by SIRENE officers under the guidance of CEPOL and in cooperation with the SIRENE training committee.

During the course, experts presented the principles of adult learning and provided training on the preparation and use of case studies. They also helped participants to formulate learning objectives, and to use different learning methods and education evaluation. Moreover, CEPOL demonstrated how to use webinars as learning methods.

Trainers from Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal and the European Commission shared their expertise with the participants. They provided a mixture of knowledge on the level of training methodology, SIS SIRENE and the new SCHEVAL mechanism.

43/2015 Train the trainers SIRENE

A glimpse into trainers and participants’ feelings and opinions:

Joao C., Portugal, trainer: “The participants were a very active group. They have a really good pre-entrance level and were very motivated. As a pre-assessment, we expect them to use the training methodologies directed to adjust learning”.

Theo B., The Netherlands, trainer: “it was a very dynamic group that was eager to learn and to share experiences against a background of unity in diversity of SIRENE’s procedures and approaches”.

Louise A., Denmark, trainer: “The participants were very interested in discussing differences in the national implementations of SIRENE manual. As a result, the participants as well as the trainers, achieved a lot of knowledge of national procedures along with mutual understanding, which is extremely useful in the daily work as a SIRENE operator”.

Anabela N., Portugal, participant: “The 43/2015 CEPOL course is very interesting because it includes a lot of necessary knowledge and tools to be implemented in my training activities in Portugal”.

Gabor E., Hungary, trainer: “Some knowledge of technical details about the whole Schengen Information System (SIS) could be useful in the SIRENE work. It is especially necessary in the preparation for the SCHEVAL process, while it teaches and prepares at the same time the police end-users to apply correctly the SIS legal base. The SIS itself is a very useful technical tool in this context”.

Judith D., Hungary, participant: “I found the CEPOL’s SIRENE train the trainers course very well organised. The course environment was very nice and comfortable. The trainers were excellent, well prepared. The content of the course and of the lectures will be useful for my daily job”.

Sarely V., Estonia, participant: “Many significant questions were raised to which both trainers and trainees provided answers. Participants expected to acquire more knowledge about learning methods and to gain a better understanding of how they could use these methods effectively in their daily job. I believe that these expectations were met through the theoretical lectures and hands-on exercises carried out during the training”.



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