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06 July 2009

Dear Colleagues,

At the 17th Governing Board, 6-7 October 2009, in Sweden, the Board has to take a decision on the CEPOL Work Programme 2010. The Swedish Presidency has recently received the Commission’s opinion on the draft programme (see attachment below). Hence, we invite all stakeholders within the CEPOL network to come forward with their opinions on the content and proposals for amendments, in particular when it comes to the Chairs of the Committees, including the Chair of the External Relations Working Group.

Your opinions should be submitted to the Swedish Presidency CEPOL team no later than 11 September 2009 (

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) in order to compile the comments to be presented to the Governing Board.

Bo Åström from the Swedish Presidency CEPOL team will contact the Chairs of the Annual Programme Committee, Training and Research Committee and the External Relations Working Group in order to discuss the allotment of competency, etc. The Director has already taken actions to distribute responsibilities on the subject of matter within the Secretariat’s staff members.

Yours truly,

Ebba Sverne Arvill

Chair of the Governing Board



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