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05 February 2008

The CEPOL/Agis Exchange Programme Final Conference 2007 and the Initial Conference 2008 took place back-to-back in Budapest, Hungary on 21-24 January 2008.

The Exchange Programme aims to help improve cross-border police cooperation and understanding of different systems, structures, working methods and police cultures across Europe. Open to senior police officers and police training staff in Europe, it also aims to provide individuals with an opportunity to get to know colleagues and operational day-to-day working methods in other countries.

The conferences overlapped so that exchangees taking part in the 2008 programme could meet last year’s Exchangees and Tutors and learn about their experiences. It also provided last year’s exchangees with the opportunity to strengthen the professional networks they had created, reflect on their experiences and give feedback on how the programme could be improved in the future.

In 2007, 77 participants (51 Exchangees and 49 Tutors - 23 with double status) from 20 countries took part in the programme. The participants summarised the main benefits of taking part in the Exchange Programme as: a great learning experience; making new personal contacts; knowing who to contact in another country about key topics; gaining greater understanding of different approaches to policing and police training; and improving cross-border cooperation. The overwhelming message from those who partook in the 2007 Exchange Programme was that it was an extremely valuable experience and should continue after the project finishes at the end of 2008.

Bogus?aw Jaremczak, from Poland who was an Exchangee in Slovenia and Sweden, said: “The Exchange Programme is an opportunity to gain knowledge and share experiences as well as to improve the understanding of police work in European dimension.”

Pekka Höök, from Finland who was a Tutor and received Exchangees from Portugal, United Kingdom and Slovenia added: “The idea of this programme is excellent. Even if we don’t find a new knowledge, we establish cooperation with new colleagues and build trust.”

In 2008, 86 participants from 21 countries will take part in the Exchange Programme, 56 Exchangees and 55 Tutors (25 of them with double status). The Initial Conference provided participants with a forum to meet their tutors, discuss hosting plans, learn about the project administrative procedures as well as learn from previous participants’ experiences.

In her closing speech, Nevenka Tomovic, Chair of the CEPOL Governing Board, Slovene Presidency, said: “Greater mobility of operational staff, trainers, students and researchers in the area of policing will contribute to better cooperation among police forces in the EU. This project represents precisely the free movement of persons and knowledge.”

The CEPOL/Agis Exchange Programme began in December 2006 and will run for a period of two years, ending in November 2008.

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