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27 October 2010

Support from CEPOL's e-Net for the Bulgarian Schengen learning programme went live during October. Based on the traditional training sessions carried out in Bulgaria, the first Schengen evaluation in an online learning environment was implemented. With the Bulgarian Schengen online learning programme, over 2,000 Bulgarian police officers have the possibility to access key information on 12 selected topics, including Border Control, Police Cooperation, Visa, Illegal Immigration, Trafficking of Human Beings, SIRENE and the Schengen Information System (SIS).

Each topic is divided into sections of self assessment, video-based topic presentations, practical cases and in-depth topic elaborations. Additionally forums have been set-up where users are able to contact a pool of content experts about specific questions on the various topics covered by the programme.

In addition to the Bulgarian experts involved in the forums, there are also members involved from the CEPOL's SIRENE Operators Community of Practice who will look at the questions from an international and EU good practice perspective.

CEPOL's support to the Bulgarian Schengen online learning programme focuses on structuring the content in a logical learning environment in which all users, both learners and facilitators, will find possibilities to contribute to the common body of knowledge presented in the programme.



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