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17 November 2010

The Project Group for the development and testing of the Schengen online learning module met for the second time on 18-22 October 2010 at the Secretariat in Bramshill. Experts from Member States laid down the final beta version of the knowledge base which forms the foundation of the online learning module. This base is set up according to CEPOL's approach to online learning (18/2010/GB) and includes knowledge for the sections containing practical video based cases, a glossary clarifying Schengen related terminology and structure for national legal framework matrices related to Schengen. Further topics covered include cross border police cooperation and an elaborated knowledge base for in depth exploration of the Schengen domain for senior police officers.

In addition to the content development, the Project Group had suggestions for improving the approach to learning. These suggestions see users of the module contribute their experience and good practices to specific elements that make up the Schengen work field. In doing so users build up an EU network knowledge structure which surpasses their national work domain in regarding Schengen. The suggestions for improved user interaction allow police officers from all Member States to learn from and with each other. The improvements will be discussed with CEPOL's Working Group on Learning after which the Approach to Online Learning will be amended accordingly.

The next step in finalisation of the content development of the Schengen online learning module is its distribution to the CEPOL network. Through the National Contact Points, during November 2010, experts from all Member States will have the possibility to propose improvements to the work of the Project Group. These proposals will be processed by the Project Group, after which the contents will be sent to the Training and Research Committee for recommendation to the CEPOL Governing Board.



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