Euromed Police II Seminar: Aerial Counter Terrorism

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06 November 2008

‘Aerial Counter Terrorism’ was the subject of a recent Euromed Police II seminar held in Paris, France on 12-16 October 2008.

For the first time, the seminar attracted 18 participants from all the nine MEDA countries - Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Syria and Tunisia.

The seminar was the first technical training session designed for the Heads and Assistant Heads of the special intervention units from the MEDA countries. The seminar allowed for the exchange of information and practices in order to achieve better national and international coordination in this particular field.

This was exemplified during the closing speeches by one of the Israeli Officers who stated: “Such meetings will contribute to reaching peace – something I wish for.”

The seminar was opened and closed by Division General Guy Crouvizier, French representative for CEPOL, together with Euromed Police II Project Manager, Pierre Antonmattei and Project Coordinator Eric Lieby.

Feedback from the participants indicated that they were highly appreciative of the information provided, material used, documents handed out and presentations made (e.g. airport and Air France crisis management centres) remarking they were extremely relevant.

Pierre Antonmattei, Euromed Police II Project Manager, said: “As well as the first technical training session organised, the seminar was also the first to gather representatives from all the MEDA countries - a great achievement in terms of cooperation and proof of the importance of the theme.”

It was suggested to organise a second seminar in 2009 whose theme will be ‘Maritime Counter Terrorism’.

The seminar was organised by the Intervention Group of the National Gendarmerie (GIGN) together with the French Gendarmerie CEPOL team.


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