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21 April 2010

The Director of Europol, Rob Wainwright, visited CEPOL Secretariat today and met with Ferenc Bánfi, CEPOL Director, Detlef Schröder, Head of Programmes and Kate Armitage, Head of Administration.

The meeting provided the opportunity to deepen the cooperation between the two law enforcement agencies. The discussions centred on the cooperation achieved so far and how to build on the achievements in light of the opportunities identified in the Stockholm Programme and Lisbon Treaty.

Following the meeting, Ferenc Bánfi said: “Although our two agencies have been working together on many levels for a number of years, there are many more opportunities to improve cooperation in the future.”

Rob Wainwright added: “I was delighted to be invited to visit CEPOL today. I am also very keen to step-up the cooperation between Europol and CEPOL. Both agencies have their own areas of expertise and can deliver a complementary service for the benefit of the law enforcement community in Europe.”

Also on the agenda was how to move ahead with the interagency cooperation in light of the recent report prepared by all four Justice and Home Affairs agencies – CEPOL, Europol, Eurojust and Frontex. If accepted by COSI, the report addresses areas of improvement which can and should be tackled by the agencies themselves, as well as including areas where the support of others is needed. The report underlines the common commitment of the agencies to cooperate, while respecting each other’s responsibilities, and to jointly support Member States in the fight against serious international crime and terrorism.

During the visit, Detlef Schröder identified the CEPOL courses and seminars which rely on Europol contributions. The possibility of Europol hosting some seminars in its new Europol Headquarters from 2011 onwards was discussed.

The future CEPOL Exchange Programme 2011-2014 was outlined and Rob Wainwright expressed Europol’s interest in not only supporting the exchange programme, but also in participating.

Kate Armitage and Rob Wainwright discussed the challenges faced by EU agencies, particularly in regard to ensuring all the internal rules and regulations are adopted and implemented.



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