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CEPOL reopens for business

CEPOL's new headquarters
02 October 2014

Following a temporary closure to facilitate their relocation from the UK to Budapest, CEPOL reopened for business on Wednesday 1 October 2014.

CEPOL Director, Dr Ferenc Bánfi addressed CEPOL staff and Hungarian partners at an induction session held at the new headquarters. Dr Bánfi impressed upon the attendees that the new offices provide CEPOL with an opportunity for a bright future and that he sees the building as the CEPOL “alma mater”.

Dr. István Farkas, Director General of the Hungarian Ministry of Interior’s International Training Centre also extended a warm welcome....


European Police College bids farewell to the United Kingdom

CEPOL House at Bramshill, UK
11 September 2014

Today, at a special event held at the National College of Policing in Bramshill, UK, the European Police College (CEPOL) said farewell and thank you to its UK hosts and commercial partners.

CEPOL is leaving the site at Bramshill, which has been the location of its headquarters since 2004, and is relocating to Budapest, Hungary.

CEPOL Director, Dr Bánfi, welcomed the gathered dignitaries and guests before delivering a short presentation. Plaques commissioned especially for this event in recognition of the support and...


CEPOL and Hungarian authorities sign new headquarters agreement

Signature of CEPOL's new headquarters agreement
19 August 2014

Following the European Parliament’s vote on 16 April 2014 to amend Decision 2005/681/JHA establishing the European Police College (CEPOL), changing the seat from Bramshill to Budapest and the Council of Ministers vote on 6 May 2014, also in favour for the change, CEPOL and Hungarian authorities have completed formalities and yesterday signed the...




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