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National contact points meet in Bramshill

22 October 2013

CEPOL hosted a meeting of its national contact points (NCPs) at its headquarters in Bramshill from 15 – 17 October. The meeting – one of two each year – is an opportunity to strengthen cooperation between representatives from national police training institutes and CEPOL and ensure that NCPs are well informed on the latest progress and future planning. This meeting included reports on the European Police Exchange Program, the implementation of residential and online activities, in addition to updates on strategic and organisational issues.

‘Our NCPs are critical to our success...


CEPOL supporting the EU Policy Cycle 2014-2017

14 October 2013

The autumn 2013 is a high season for the EU Policy Cycle. There are still the on-going actions from eight Operational Action Plans 2013 contributing to the ‘old’ priorities; however, the Council of Justice and Home ministers set in June 2013 the ‘new’ priorities for the fight against serious and organised crime envisaged for 2014-2017. During 2012 CEPOL presented to COSI a comprehensive portfolio of learning activities to be implemented in close cooperation with the European Commission, General Secretariat of the Council and Europol. Built on the experience from a CEPOL pilot course ‘EU...


Public Order Safeguarded

09 October 2013

Public security and safety of citizens are tasks which are expected to be safeguarded by the state. It is not an easy mission itself and it becomes even more difficult during the major events with massive concentration of people. Recent changes in the society when the financial and existential uncertainty has a great impact on radicalisation of people who do not see any hope in near future, has made this issue more actual. Therefore the professionals from the EU and Interpol had an opportunity to meet in the Czech Republic to exchange their knowledge and best practice in this field during...




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