Georgian delegation visits CEPOL

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29 April 2016

On 27th April 2016, a delegation from the Ministry of Interior of Georgia accompanied by the Georgian ambassador to Hungary visited CEPOL’s Headquarters. The objective of the meeting was to strengthen cooperation between CEPOL and the law enforcement academy of the Georgian Ministry of Interior.

The recent developments with regards to security issues put emphasis on the need for a globalised law enforcement cooperation. This meeting is a step forward to enforce closer cooperation with the countries from the Eastern Partnership area in the field of training.

CEPOL is happy to see progress with the operationalisation of working agreements with Georgia and to count an increasing number of Georgian participants to its activities, notably to residential activities and to the European Police Exchange Programme. After presenting its portfolio, CEPOL encouraged Georgia to take a more active part in its online activities, but also to nominate experts to be added to its Lecturers, Trainers and Researchers database (LTRdb).

Georgian delegation visits CEPOL

Mr. Giorgi Mghebrishvili, the Georgian Ministry of Interior, also stressed the will of Georgia to enhance cooperation with CEPOL. He explained that the top priority for Georgia is to develop the capacity of the Ministry of Interior police academy with the help of CEPOL. The objective is to increase the standards of police education in the country and put in place more sophisticated methods. He believes reforms cannot be sustainable without proper education. Georgia wants to become a regional hub for police education and training to allow for networking and better cooperation between law enforcement authorities in the region. Georgia would welcome CEPOL’s help and advice to create such a hub.

Dr. Ferenc Bánfi, Director of CEPOL, commented: “CEPOL was very honoured to receive the visit of the delegation of the Georgian Ministry of Interior. I am very grateful that we were able to talk about practical issues on how to work together. We agreed on concrete steps, for example, how to cooperate in the field of distance learning, how Georgia can contribute to CEPOL’s training activities”.



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