The international dimension of law enforcement cooperation: The Lithuanian Presidency conference

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27 September 2013

On 17-19 September 2013, the Lithuanian CEPOL Presidency hosted a conference on Eastern Partnership Law Enforcement Cooperation in Vilnius. The conference brought together stakeholders from European Union (EU) institutions, the EU Member States and Eastern Partnership countries with the aim of enhancing closer cooperation between the law enforcement institutions of the EU and Eastern Partnership countries.

The conference covered different aspects of cooperation with particular attention given to the fight against organized crime, drugs, cybercrime and smuggling.

Bringing the countries of the Eastern Partnership closer to the EU is one of the priorities for the Lithuanian Presidency and this conference served as preparation for the informal meeting of the Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs Council, which will be held on 7-8 October in Strasbourg (Luxembourg). Special attention was granted to cooperation of the EU and Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine) in the field of home affairs and inducement of their European integration.

The conference was organized as a CEPOL activity, underlining the important role that training and learning plays in strengthening cooperation between police forces from different Member States.

The number of participants (about 100) and great interest expressed by the Eastern Partnership countries prove that the Lithuanian Presidency priority related to enhancing cooperation with the Eastern Partnership countries is important not only to Lithuania, but also to EU as well as Eastern Partnership countries.

Dr Ferenc Bánfi, Director of the European Police College, said: ‘This conference was an excellent opportunity to meet with colleagues from Eastern Partnership countries and discuss the challenges we all face from cross-border crime and, importantly, the role that CEPOL plays in helping to combat these crimes. My thanks to the CEPOL Lithuanian Presidency team for organizing this event so well.’



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