ISEC/CEPOL Exchange Programme 2009/2010 Review

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24 January 2011

The ISEC/CEPOL Exchange Programme for 2009/2010 ended in November 2010. During the programme, 147 senior police officers and police trainers from a total of 25 countries took part. The ongoing evaluation shows that the Exchange Programmes objectives were met:

  • To promote and develop coordination, cooperation and mutual understanding among law enforcement agencies and other bodies in EU Member States and countries;
  • To exchange knowledge, experience and best practice between Member States and third countries;
  • To develop professional networks around specific topics identified by EU institutions and other bodies;
  • To provide the opportunity for improvement on a personal, organisational and European level;
  • To promote cascading of knowledge within specific expertise areas at national level;
  • To promote international police and training expertise on specific priority topics in Europe;
  • To improve understanding of police practices and training in other European countries.

From the latest online survey the response rate was 90% and was generally very positive. Here are some examples from the latest online survey in November 2010.

All participants said that they agreed they have gained a better understanding of the police standards and procedures in the hosting country. Only one (of 82 exchangees) disagrees that they exchanged knowledge, experiences and best practices with their counterparts in the hosting country. All (except two who slightly disagreed) stated they developed their professional network in the relevant topics, and only one disagreed that this was an opportunity to improve oneself on an organizational, personal and European level.



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