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25 August 2010

Today, issue 3 of the CEPOL European Police Science and Research Bulletin has been published. In this issue of the bulletin, readers will find eight original contributions, written by experts from France, Spain, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Topics covered include research, training, conference reports and presentations of police research institutions:

  • Prof. García-Palomero, Lieutenant Colonel Moure-Colón and Prof. Donado-Varo describe how the Spanish Guardia Civil applies research methodologies in the realm of higher educational for their officers, also highlighting an interesting example of a successful partnership with distance-learning.
  • Sgt. Don Casey, London Metropolitan Police and Prof. Phillip Burrell, London South Bank University, present their research on how, using statistical evidence, a computerised support system could assist investigators solving serious sexual offenses.
  • Chief Constable Bernhard Welten, Dutch Police Force, left the participants of the 2009 CEPOL Police Research and Science Conference intrigued with his appeal to senior police officers to embrace the spirit and contributions of scientists towards improving policing. His perspective on the relation between police practice and scientific methodologies will surely be food for thought and trigger further discussions.
  • Prof. Monica den Boer, conference organizer and former member of CEPOL’s Research and Science Working Group, provides a detailed summary of last year's conference, for the benefit of those that were not able to attend.
  • Levin Wheller, National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) in the United Kingdom, reports on the 9th Colloquium of the Campbell Collaboration, held in Norway in 2009.
  • Following in the series of police-related research institutes in Europe presentations, Prof. Nick Fyfe gives an account of the Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR), whilst Lieutenant-Colonel Philippe Scribe illustrates the Centre de Recherche of the French Gendarmerie Nationale (CRGN).

This bulletin also contains an obituary in memoriam of Prof. Jean-Paul Brodeur, a well-know police-researcher, who had worked closely with CEPOL.

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Closing date for submissions to the next issue is 15 September 2010

The 3rd issues of the European Police Science and Research Bulletin, as well as previous ones, can be downloaded from the “Research & Science Publications” section of this website.



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