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14 September 2009

Today the Learning Management System (LMS), a new online tool to support CEPOL learning activities, was opened for all e-Net registered users.

Organisers, participants, trainers and experts of CEPOL’s courses and seminars now have a dedicated area on CEPOL’s e-Net to support their activities.

The LMS has many features and provides several additional benefits to both organisers and participants, including:

  • An easy way to contact those who participate in a course;
  • An online introduction to participants, trainers, experts and course managers;
  • An overview of all those who participate in the course;
  • A place to upload course material including presentations, hand-outs, useful links, videos, and so on;
  • A possibility for participants to complete the course evaluation online - providing course managers with instant access to the results.

Users with an account on CEPOL’s e-Net, can access the LMS by selecting the ‘Courses’ tab after log-in. The LMS homepage provides the user with an overview of all the activities they participate in. The LMS supports those courses and seminars which will be implemented from 1 October 2009 onwards.

In preparation of opening the LMS to the network, two Course Managers’ LMS Training courses (97/2009 and 98/2009) were implemented earlier this month. Twenty-one Course Managers and National e-Net Managers (who will support course organisers with the set-up of their ‘Courses’ on the LMS) from 16 Member States were trained in setting up a course, adding participants and trainers/experts, uploading documents, moderating forums and preparing and carrying out the course evaluation for their own activity.

The outcomes of both the LMS courses were positive and indicate that Course Managers, alongside their National e-Net Managers, feel comfortable using system as several have already started implementing their own activities in the system.

The next LMS training for Course Managers will be organised later this year, targeted at those who are due to implement a CEPOL activity in the beginning of 2010.

CEPOL Director, Ulf Göransson, said: “Courses and seminars are CEPOL’s core business, so I am delighted that we have opened the LMS today – the penultimate system of the CEPOL’s electronic network to go public. With online support of our activities, we will be able to improve communication between participants and organisers, increase networking opportunities before and after activities and facilitate the sharing of information – what CEPOL’s network is all about after all.”

In order to access the Learning Management System, you need to be registered as an e-Net user. If you have not already done so, you can apply for an e-Net account via the website: www.cepol.europa.eu.

For additional information please contact Julian ter Huurne, or Theo Brekelmans, at CEPOL Secretariat. Alternatively, send your enquiries to




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