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06 July 2009

Dear Colleagues,

On Friday 3 July 2009, the Swedish Presidency received the formal letter of resignation of the CEPOL Director, Ulf Göransson, as of 31 January 2010. This means that the post for Director of CEPOL is deemed to be vacant and the recruitment process of a new Director can commence.

We have already submitted drafts of the advertisement to be published in the Official Journal and job description, etc., to be published on CEPOL’s website. Deadline for comments is 9 July 2009.

Immediately after the final version of the advertisement and job description ,etc., have been drawn-up, we will initiate a Governing Board decision, through written procedure, to approve the drawn-up documents. The written procedure will be submitted to the Voting Members of the Governing Board no later than Friday 10 July 2009, with a deadline of one week to respond, i.e. 17 July 2009. I will establish that the written procedure has been completed. Reiterating the provisions in Decision 8/2006/GB of the Governing Board of CEPOL concerning its rules of procedure, Article 9, the reply can only be given by “yes” or “no”. In case no reply has been received within the period the respective Member State is deemed to have voted in favour of the proposal.

I seize the opportunity to remind you all to start planning for who will be your representative in the Selection Committee if your country will be picked at the 17th Governing Board meeting, 6-7 October 2009, in Sweden. In addition, I will also approach the Commission on this issue.

Yours truly,

Ebba Sverne Arvill

Chair of the Governing Board



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