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15th Governing Board Meeting

10 March 2009

The first Governing Board meeting to be held under the Presidency of the Czech Republic took place in Prague, Czech Republic, on 24-25 February 2009.

Among the topics discussed by the Governing Board were the Governance and Structure of CEPOL, Preliminary Outturn of 2008 and the follow-up to the Internal Audit Service report.

The Governing Board adopted a number of decisions, including:

  • The Estimate 2010 (8.8 million euro);
  • Meeting Calendar for the Second
  • ...

14th Governing Board Meeting

15 December 2008

The last Governing Board meeting to be held under the French Presidency took place in Cannes Mandelieu on 11-12 December 2008.

A Cooperation Agreement with Interpol was signed by Emile Perez and Ulf Göransson, on behalf of CEPOL, and by Jean-Michel Louboutin and Dale Sheehan, on behalf of Interpol. The main purpose of the agreement is to enhance the cooperation between the Interpol General Secretariat and CEPOL in strengthening the training activities for senior police officers, in particular through cooperation in the organisation of...


13th CEPOL Governing Board Meeting Takes Place in France

03 October 2008

The first CEPOL Governing Board meeting under the French Presidency, Chaired by Emile Perez, was held on 25-26 September 2008 in Paris.

Emile Perez opened the meeting, saying: “CEPOL is the most extraordinary training network - involving many people within each Member State, Associated country, partner agencies and the Secretariat. CEPOL has the support of all institutes responsible for police training in the Member States. This network is the most tightly knit in the field of training. It is the pivot of European and international cooperation in...




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