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10 September 2015

Today, a delegation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova visits CEPOL’s Headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. The delegation is headed by Mr. Oleg Babin, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Moldova. The purpose of the visit is to learn about CEPOL’s expertise in training law enforcement officers and to discuss further ways of cooperation between the Ministry and CEPOL.

CEPOL has a Working Arrangement with Moldova in force since December 2012, which allows Moldovan law enforcement officers to take part in residential activities and webinars and to apply for CEPOL’s European Police Exchange Programme as part of the Eastern Partnership.

Moldovan delegation

Moldova intends to create a training centre for law enforcement officers on relevant areas for the security of its citizens, such as civil protection, emergency situations and border police. In this regard, the delegates are interested in CEPOL’s capacity and strategic approach to implement training and learning activities in a wide range of specific subjects.

“Our country is committed to enhance the effectiveness of its law enforcement forces, and I believe that our continuous cooperation with CEPOL will play a key role to achieve this goal. I am also confident that our officers will benefit from an increasing number of training opportunities in the coming years thanks to CEPOL”, stated Mr. Oleg Babin.

“ We look forward to intensifying our collaboration with Moldova, an important partner of the European Union, to continue the work of CEPOL in upholding the values of freedom, security and justice by translating them into concrete training activities for law enforcement officers across Europe”, added Mr. Detlef Schroeder, Deputy Director and Head of Operations.

Moldovan delegation

The Moldovan delegation has also visited today the premises of the International Training Centre from the Hungarian Ministry of Interior, a key framework partner in the organisation of CEPOL’s training activities.



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