New EU-STNA report: Enhancing digital skills of law enforcement officials is imperative

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European Union Strategic Training Needs Assessment (EU-STNA) 2022-2025 report
11 March 2022

CEPOL has released the European Union Strategic Training Needs Assessment (EU-STNA) 2022-2025 report. Published by the EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training every four years, the EU-STNA is a forward-looking analysis that identifies the EU training priorities in the area of internal security. The report is a strategic handbook for providers of law enforcement education and training across the EU. Based on criminal threats identified, it provides guidance on what needs to be trained to help ensure that the learning offer available to law enforcement officials is pertinent and consistent.

Based on the outcome of a comprehensive examination of strategic and policy documents, as well as on consultations with practitioners, experts and stakeholders, this publication identifies what skills gaps should be filled by training so that law enforcement officials stay on the cutting edge of technology, knowledge and information. In particular, the EU-STNA 2022-2025 reveals eight core capability gaps constituting the main areas in which law enforcement officials need capacity-building through training:

  • Digital skills and use of new technologies
  • High-risk criminal networks
  • Financial investigations
  • Cooperation, information exchange and interoperability
  • Crime prevention
  • Document fraud
  • Forensics
  • Fundamental rights and data protection


According to the findings of CEPOL, training needs related to the digitalisation of society, economy and criminal operations have become even more evident. New training should be therefore developed in areas such as new technologies, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and emergency response by law enforcement. Also, the report confirms the need for intensified training efforts in tackling high-risk criminal networks and in building financial investigation capacities among law enforcement officials.

On the launch of the EU-STNA 2022-2025, the Executive Director of CEPOL, Ms. Montserrat Marín López, stated:

“Law enforcement has always had to cope with change, but the pace of transformation is accelerating and technology is a rapidly developing area. With criminals being often among the earliest adopters of new technology, the speed of developments makes training imperative”.

For the first time, the volume of law enforcement officials requiring EU-level training in the European Union has been assessed in absolute terms. Based on the data collected from Member States, more than 110,000 officials would need training at the EU level in any of the thematic areas identified by the report.


The Report will be shared with the European Commission. It will also be presented to the Standing Committee on Internal Security (COSI) and to the European Parliament for information, with a view to establishing a structured policy for law enforcement training at EU level. The printed version of the report is currently under preparation and will be uploaded on CEPOL corporate website in due time. While awaiting for the formal procedure of endorsement of the report by the EU institutions, EU training providers are encouraged to coordinate their training provision with others and align it with the identified training priorities, thus ensuring that the capability gaps of law enforcement officials are addressed.


The EU-STNA was piloted in 2017 and the first EU-STNA Report was published in 2018, listing training needs and recommended EU-level training guidelines for the period 2018-2021. It has been found useful as a strategic guideline and lookup tool that helps to align the planning of internal training delivered to the Member States, whereby the findings of the EU-STNA are translated into the work programmes of JHA agencies and guide more detailed training needs analyses that feed into their training portfolios. In order to define the strategic and EU-level training priorities of law enforcement officials for the next 4 year cycle, 2022-2025, of the European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats (EMPACT), CEPOL launched the new EU-STNA in 2020 to identify gaps in knowledge, skills and competences as well as the related training needs.

You can read the full report here.

More on EU-STNA here.



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