SIRIUS E-Evidence Series – New Episodes are now available on LEEd!

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SIRIUS E-Evidence Series – New Episodes are now available on LEEd!
10 August 2021

We are proud to announce that the SIRIUS E-Evidence Series is now offering even more training opportunities to Law Enforcement officials via the CEPOL e-Learning platform LEEd, as we have released four new episodes this summer.

The new addition to our SIRIUS E-Evidence Series consists of four self-paced online learning webinar sessions, created by Europol, Eurojust and the European Judicial Network, to help investigators cope with the complexity and the volume of information in a rapidly changing online environment by providing guidelines on specific Online Service Providers (OSPs) and investigative tools.

These high-quality training activities include:

  • Episode 1: Standardized Model Forms for Direct Requests showcases via a case study the model forms and explain how their functionalities can be used.
  • Episode 2: Electronic Evidence: What are the policies of messaging apps providers? This episode will focus on the policies of six service providers, including information on their data controllers, accepted identifiers, policy for voluntary cooperation and emergency disclosure requests and datasets that can be requested.
  • Episode 3: Through a looking glass: The added value of the SIRIUS Platform to the investigation of cyber-enabled crimes will offer practical know-how, approaches and tools on access to electronic information and related aspects, based on concrete examples of service providers’ policies.
  • Episode 4: Judicial cooperation: e-Tools for e-Evidence will discuss the cycle of request for cooperation regarding e-evidence and the tools on the European Judicial Network (EJN) Platform, using the European Investigation Order (EIO) as an illustration.

They can be accessed here.

*About SIRIUS project: The SIRIUS project, co-implemented by Europol and Eurojust, is a central reference point in the EU for knowledge sharing on cross-border access to electronic evidence. It offers a variety of services, such as guidelines, trainings and tools, to help with accessing data held by online service providers. These services are available to law enforcement and judicial authorities via a platform and an application. To this day, SIRIUS serves a community of competent authorities from 44 countries, representing all EU Member States and a growing number of third countries



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