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19 October 2011

CEPOL, the European Police College, is organising its first seminar on Social Media and Policing in Lisbon, Portugal from 24-28 October.

The seminar brings together senior police officers from across Europe to share knowledge and experience in using and dealing with the impact of social media in their own country.

Areas for discussion during the week-long seminar include:

  • Social media and engagement: The use of social media in the context of community policing
  • Social media and investigation: How social media can support an investigation
  • Social media, policies and processes: best practice to manage use and minimise risk of social media

CEPOL recognises that while the use of social media by police forces in on the increase, there is still a lot of uncertainty about how to get the best from digital engagement. This seminar creates a forum for experienced practitioners and relative novices to present their own experiences and learn from others.

Specific activity objectives are as follows:

  1. Knowledge: Acquire a theoretical background of social media
  2. Comprehension: Acquire the basis to understand the effects of using social media in police operations
  3. Application: Know how to use social media to gather data from the community and broadcast information to the community
  4. Analysis: According to specific police operations, analyse the social media flow before, during and after police operations
  5. Synthesis: Understand and implement the key concepts of social media in policing
  6. Evaluation: Compare police operations that used social media tools with similar police operations that did not

Accessing course content through e-Net

Given the high interest in the topic, Course content will also be made available to police officers who are not attending the seminar through the CEPOL e-Net. To access/register with e-Net, please click here.

Registered e-Net users will also be able to participate in a discussion forum on this subject.


CEPOL’s mission is to contribute to European police cooperation through learning to the benefit of European citizens.

CEPOL provides qualitative thinking and qualitative education to senior police officers across Europe, encouraging cross-border cooperation in the fight against crime and maintenance of public security and law and order.

In 2011 alone, CEPOL has so far carried out approximately 60 training activities for over 1,000 participants.

Participating in CEPOL learning activities

Information on forthcoming CEPOL activities is published on the CEPOL website. To participate in any of the activities, police officers must apply through their national contact point.



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