Terrorist threats call for a tightened international cooperation

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04 April 2017

CEPOL strongly condemns the heinous attacks perpetrated in the past weeks against the United Kingdom and Russia. Our thoughts go to the victims and their families in these difficult moments.

Belgium, France, Germany... were only some of the numerous countries hit by gruesome terrorist attacks last year. In 2016, 1441 terrorist attacks struck the world and made 14356 fatalities. The international community reacted to these threats by mobilising its resources to tackle this issue. Yet, 2017 seems to start in a similar way.

London and Saint Petersburg attacks are only a couple of recent ones that were denounced by the EU media. But hundreds of attacks took place all over the world since beginning of 2017 that were left without media coverage. Terrorism has become one of the biggest scourge of our time.

The EU has to strengthen its concerted efforts to tailor a solution to the situation. Through its training portfolio, CEPOL will continue to support the efforts of the EU in finding an appropriate solution.



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