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CEPOL Online Darknet Module
30 March 2020

CEPOL is pleased to announce that the content of the Darknet online learning module has been updated in close cooperation with experts from Interpol’s Innovation Centre. The update took place in 2019, with the module content being formally adopted by Management Board Decision 31/2019/MB.

During the update, the latest developments on Darknet markets as well as implications for law enforcement are described. Darknets are increasingly being used to conduct criminal activities because of the anonymity that they provide to their users. In particular, sites called markets or marketplaces are used for trading in almost every kind of criminal product and service. These include illicit goods, stolen items, fake documents, illicit content and cybercrime enablers. The Darknet module is intended for people new to the darknet, or with a small amount of knowledge and who want to know more. It is designed to provide a general understanding of the darknet, the way criminals use it, and how technology supports them. After completing the module, the user should be able to explain the darknet to others, to recognise how someone might be involved in darknet crime, and to know some of the investigation tools needed to manage the threats.

The module is a critical training resource that can be used by trainers and educators in their formal courses or law enforcement training curricula. Individual learners can use the module for their professionalisation. Through quizzes per topic, the user can test their knowledge. Upon successful completion of all quizzes, a certificate is issued.

More information about the updated online module can be found in the ‘What we teach’ section. The Darknet online module is accessible free of charge for law enforcement officers through the online learning platform e-Net.

CEPOL Darknet Online Module



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