2006 CEPOL European Police Research & Science Conference

The 2006 CEPOL European Police Research and Science Conference took place at Bramshill, United Kingdom, on 11-13 September 2006.

The theme of the conference was 'Policing Public Order”. Keeping the public peace is at the core of police tasks. However, in a world increasingly shaped by personal mobility and globalised media, public social events tend to be influenced by and seem to have an impact on, incidents beyond the actual locale. In Europe, news about urban riots or terrorist attacks in one of the Member States has become a normal part of the evening news. Other major public events like sport tournaments or meetings of high-ranking officials are also drawing attention in terms of how police services are dealing with the risk coming with it.The conference dedicated four sessions on particular topics of this area, where core issues were highlighted of public order policing in contemporary Europe by examining particular case studies relating to recent events:

  • Policing Mass Events
  • Social Impacts of Counter-terrorism
  • Policing Public Disorder
  • Social Mobility and Public Disorder

The conference also gave participants the opportunity to learn about the ongoing CEPOL Research and Science project a European Approach to Police Science.

Keynote speakers at the conference were high-profile senior police officers and distinguished academics representing France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Slovak Republic and United Kingdom.

The 2006 conference comprised of a mix of plenary sessions and workshops focusing on research findings in the light of police recruiting, training, learning and evaluation. The Conference also examined how science and practice are with the focus on both academic and practical. The workshops provided participants with an opportunity to present and discuss data from most of European Union countries and were interactive.


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