2022 CEPOL Research & Science Conference Vilnius

CEPOL Research and Science Conference 2022 MRU, Vilnius

Preparing Law Enforcement for the Digital Age

Date: 08 – 10 June 2022

Venue: Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania

CEPOL will have the honour to organise the next edition of the CEPOL Research & Science Conference in partnership with Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) on 08-10 June 2022 as part of of CEPOL's Justice and Home Affairs Agencies Network presidency programme.

This Research & Science Conference will take place at the premises of the Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius and the plenary sessions will be livestreamed.


Τhe title for this year’s conference is ‘Preparing Law Enforcement for the Digital Age’. The emergence of new forms of criminal behaviours and the new tools and methods at the hand of law enforcement to control and curb those is the common thread that will run through this conference.

This event features empirical studies on a variety of aspects and topics of policing and enforcing the law in the Digital Age. The three-day event will feature renowned speakers and exciting sessions, including the following topics and tracks:

  • Training and education of law enforcement officials IN and FOR the Digital Age
  • Challenges of Artificial Intelligence for law enforcement in the Digital Age
  • Challenges for Cross-Agency and Cross-Border Cooperation and Coordination in the Digital Age
  • Challenges of Fundamental Rights and Civic Expectations towards law enforcement and law enforcement officials in the Digital Age

Presentations by international and European law enforcement institutions and organisations and distinguished international academic scientists from Europe and abroad.


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About CEPOL Research & Science Conferences

Since 2003, the CEPOL Research & Science Conferences provide a stimulating intellectual environment that brings together ideas and perspectives of practitioners, trainers and educators in policing and other areas of law enforcement, with researchers and academic scholars from Europe and the international sphere. The conference is aiming at the participation of practitioners from European law enforcement forces and institutions, as well as affiliated postgraduate researchers and academic scholars. The conference language is English. There is no conference fee, but prior registration and acceptance by the organisers is obligatory. Papers discussed during CEPOL Research and Science Conferences are published in a special Conference edition, so that ideas and knowledge can be shared within the law enforcement community, fostering and facilitating broader discussions and becoming a source of inspiration for the future.


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