Corruption: fight it, win against it!

05 July 2022
CEPOL National Unit, Romania

The CEPOL onsite course 95/2022 was organised by the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Directorate General of Human Resources Management, in cooperation with the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN), between 21-24 June, in Bucharest, Romania. The overall aim of the activity was to enhance law enforcement capacity in the fight against corruption by using the international tools for prevention, investigation and prosecution, as well as dialogue with civil society, in order to create resistance to the corruption phenomenon.

[Update] Suspension of CEPOL residential/exchange activities until 31 May 2020

20 March 2020

[Update: 20 March 2020]

The risks and implications of the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 in relation to the carrying-out of CEPOL operational activities are monitored and evaluated constantly by the Agency. That includes activities carried out in the context of externally funded projects.

Today, based on these analyses and following consultations, the Executive Director of CEPOL decided on the extension of the suspension of the following operational activities until 31 May 2020:...


7th CEPOL's Management Board Meeting in Tampere

19 November 2019

7th CEPOL’s Management Board Meeting is taking place in Tampere between 19 and 20 November.

The meeting is presided by Mr Kimmo Himberg, Director of the Police University College and the Chair of CEPOL’s Management Board. The meeting takes place at the same place where the idea of CEPOL was conceived 20 years ago at the European Council special meeting. On that note, the Chair comments:

CEPOL now goes back to its roots: the decision to establish the agency was made in the EU Summit in Tampere 20 years ago. The meeting of 1999




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