child sexual exploitation

34/2019 Child sexual exploitation – victim identification

17 June 2019 to 21 June 2019

The aim of the course is:

  • To enhance cooperation between law enforcement institutions from the EU Member states, the Associate countries and the Candidate countries in the identification of child victims of sexual exploitation.
  • To create or improve skills of specialised law enforcement officers in the task of Victim Identification at a national and international level.

Webinar AdHoc10/2019 'Indecent Child Obscene Objects'

26 March 2019

Child like sex dolls are an emerging threat in the area of child sexual exploitation, some Member States are already working on this but some are not yet aware, thus this webinar aims to:

- Introduce the topic of Child Obscene Objects

- Describe the measures that are in place and could be applied across Europe

- Share tips and good practices


Webinar 50/2018 Child sexual exploitation: Deconfliction and collaboration in online investigations to achieve best results

15 November 2018

This webinar aims to introduce/raise awareness about law enforcement collaboration in the area of online covert investigations in child sexual exploitation and how deconfliction in online CSE investigations should work.




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