Webinar: New methodologies in the framework of international law enforcement cooperation with special focus on tax evasion and smuggling

03 September 2019

Webinar participants will:

  1. Gain knowledge about coordination and communication between state authorities in regard to smuggling and tax evasion;
  2. Be able to use systematic and/or analytical information as evidence in a criminal procedure;
  3. Be able to use collected information by patrol unit(s) in the field;
  4. Gain knowledge about the Hungarian EKAER system;
  5. Be able to organise the collection of relevant information (without the EKAER system).

54/2019: International law enforcement cooperation and information exchange

27 August 2019 to 30 August 2019

The aim of the course is:

  • To intensify contacts with European counterparts in order to improve law enforcement cooperation and information exchange related to serious crime and counter terrorism and. international cooperation.
  • To enhance use of the EU information exchange mechanisms, channels and instruments.
  • To improve the use and feeding of relevant EU information systems by the customs.
  • To strengthen customs contribution/involvement in the EU Policy cycle and increase the knowledge on the added value of JHA Agencies.

Webinar 58/2019 'Joint cross-border operation'

26 August 2019

This webinar aims to present joint cross-border operations and how to enhance police cooperation between EU Member States.




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