CEPOL course on trends and technologies in detecting false documents

05 February 2016

Terrorism is having an impact in the free movement of persons in the European Union - which is the cornerstone of the EU citizenship. Training law enforcement officers in detecting false documents is key to tackle this threat.

Addressing EU security issues at the highest level

Poster of the Leadership Conference
17 September 2015

From 15 to 16 September 2015, CEPOL has organised the first EU Leadership Workshop for Police Chiefs. The CEPOL Leadership Workshop for Police Chiefs was a 2 days conference, the first of its kind. It brought together the highest ranking Police Chiefs from all EU Member States to exchange good practices on leadership.


CEPOL course 32-2015 “Counter-terrorism special techniques”

01 September 2015

The German Police University organised from 15 to 17 July the CEPOL course 32-2015 “Counter-terrorism special techniques” in Münster, Germany. The aim of this course was to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between European police forces and to enhance their response to terrorist attacks. Participants and experts came from National Police Special Forces, EUROPOL, the FBI and the ATLAS network, among other organisations.



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