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CEPOL Webinar 41/2020: The prevention of victimization of minors - online and offline

18 May 2020

This webinar discusses the main ideas in the EUCPN Toolbox on preventing the victimization of minors in the digital age. Children's and young people's online behaviour leaves them vulnerable to online victimization, but it also opens up new vistas for online crime prevention. After an introduction on online victimization, it discusses a few basics of crime prevention and awareness-raising on the internet, based on ideas borrowed from social marketing.


Webinar 38/2019 - ‘Hate Crime and Migration’

11 December 2019

This webinar aims to enhance police capacities to recognise and deal with hate crime towards ethnic groups.

At the end of the webinar participants will be able to:

1. Define hate crime;

2. Explain the connection between migration and hate crime;

3. Recognise hate crime directed towards ethnic groups.


Webinar 17/2019 - ‘CARPOL - network of EU law enforcement contact points for tackling cross-border vehicle crime’

27 November 2019

This webinar aims to:

- Recognise various modi operandi in cross-border vehicle crime;

- Discuss new trends and preventive measures, most common modi operandi and techniques to tackle this type of crime and mobile organised crime groups;

- Understand capacities offered by Europol and CARPOL to be used for information exchange and analytical support in order to tackle cross-border dimension of organised property crime.




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