cross border cooperation

75/2020: Informant handling (advanced)

19 October 2020 to 23 October 2020

This training activity aims to:

  • pursue the harmonisation and standardisation of procedures in informant handling;
  • improve knowledge on existing informant related practice;
  • enhance cross-border cooperation and build mutual understanding of national legal practices related to informants;
  • build up expertise in the handling of Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS), especially in the crime area of organised property crime.

Webinar AdHoc 12/2020: Facilitated Illegal Immigration: JOT MARE - coordinated and intelligence-driven actions against human smugglers

17 June 2020

Objectives of the webinar:

  • Provide information on the EU response to organised migrant smuggling with an emphasis on the geo-political context that led to the establishment of Joint Operational Team (JOT) MARE;
  • Describe the characteristics, objectives and tasks of JOT MARE;
  • Explain the main features of organised migrant smuggling across sea smuggling routes;
  • Explain the importance and benefit of law enforcement cooperation in tackling organised migrant smuggling.



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