90/2021 Critical infrastructure protection and cybersecurity

11 October 2021 to 15 October 2021

The aim of this activity is to improve practitioners’ performance by enhancing their competences to apply the general critical infrastructure (CI) security measures and cybersecurity as well as their skills in identifying and managing risk as well as identifying and linking the impact of new technologies for CI protection.

COVID-19 Webinar (No4): The evolution of cyber-threats during the COVID-19 pandemic

15 October 2020

The aim of this webinar is to improve performance of law enforcement officers by enhancing awareness of the evolution of cyber-threats during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The participants will gain knowledge about:

  • the most important forms of malware;
  • the newest types of cyber-attacks;
  • measures for data and computer systems protection.

Webinar AdHoc 15/2020: IPv6 demystification

19 May 2020

The aim of the webinar is to allow Law Enforcement Agency practitioners to handle basic IPv6 concepts:

  • identification of the main type of IPv6 address: loopback, Link-Local, Global Unicast, Multicast;
  • how to get the DNS answer for an IPv6 address using dig and nslookup;
  • how use SSH and SCP with IPv6 address;
  • using Link-local IPv6 addresses to facilitate intranet devices access.

This online seminar is the third of the CEPOL-ECTEG CyberWise May webinar series.




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