Webinar 14/2021: Access to the asylum procedure and identification of vulnerable applicants for asylum

22 June 2021

The aim of this webinar is to familiarise first contact officials and law enforcement bodies with the procedural aspects, as well as their tasks and duties in relation to the identification of potential applicants for international protection, and the lodging of an asylum application.

By the end of this webinar, the audience will be able to:


Webinar 25/2021: Shipbreaking

09 June 2021

Old ships that cannot be used anymore must be dismantled properly, following the strict waste management and recycling rules set by the Basel Convention. The clean and safe disposal of ships is an expensive process. Though according to the legislation ship owners must exercise due diligence and must avoid business with scrap dealers in practice old vessels are often sold by owners to scrap dealer criminals in order to get rid of the 'problem' of old vessels.


Online Course 3/2021: Drug trafficking

26 April 2021 to 07 May 2021

The overall objective of the training activity is to increase law enforcement capacity in tackling cross-border drug trafficking, including precursors and dismantling organised crime groups by understanding new forms of modus operandi and drug supply chain. The course is organised in the framework of the OAP 2021 of EMPACT Synthetic Drugs/NPS and Cannabis-Cocaine-Heroin priorities within the EU Policy Cycle.



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