Webinar AdHoc EU-STNA Strategic Training Needs Assessment

26 October 2017

The webinar aims to inform about the launch of the pilot EU-STNA (Strategic Training Needs Assessment) and to raise awareness of its goals, objectives, workflow as well as the roles of the Member States and institutional stakeholders in the process.


EU-STNA 2022-2025

CEPOL launched the new EU-STNA in 2020 to define strategic and EU-level training priorities of law enforcement officials for the 2022-2025 policy cycle.

The overall architecture of the EU-STNA methodology has been kept adding a step on the implementation of the EU-STNA outcomes with increased political support and another on a mid-term review of threats and training priorities.

EU-STNA 2022-2025 is expected to be published in December 2021.

EU-STNA 2018-2021

The EU-STNA was developed to identify gaps in knowledge, skills and competencies and training needs. The assessment identifies training priorities and aims at coordinating available training to prevent overlaps and duplication. It identifies emerging law enforcement trends, such as increasing synergies and overlaps between different crime areas, as well as larger demands for cooperation between disciplines.



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